Types of Water Notices and Treatment

Facility Name   Location   Start Date    Advisory
Arty's Home Baking  FORT ST. JOHN  29-Mar-2019   Boil Water Notice
Babine Lake Resort  Burns Lake  21-Jun-2018   Boil Water Notice
Barendregt Water System  Smithers  9-Apr-2018   Boil Water Notice
Bearpaw Heli-Skiing  Sinclair Mills  1-Feb-2012   Boil Water Notice
Beaver Point Resort  Burns Lake  15-Sep-2017   Boil Water Notice
Bednesti Lake Resort  Vanderhoof  9-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Bell Mountain Good Neighbour CWS  McBride  11-Mar-2003   Boil Water Notice
Boya Lake Provincial Park Water System  Jade City  3-Jul-2018   Boil Water Notice
Buckinghorse River Provincial Park  Buckinghorse River  1-Jul-2009   Boil Water Notice
Camp Yak'isda Bik'ah  Smithers  4-Jun-2013   Boil Water Notice
Dease River Crossing  Dease Lake  12-Jul-2010   Boil Water Notice
Decker Lake Forest Products  Burns Lake  31-Mar-2006   Boil Water Notice
Dodge Cove Community Water System  Regional District - Skeena-Queen Charlotte  31-Mar-1988   Boil Water Notice
Dolphin's North Lodge  Regional District - Skeena-Queen Charlotte  16-Jul-2015   Boil Water Notice
Douglas Water System  Fort St James  24-Sep-2008   Boil Water Notice
Dungate Water Users Community  Houston  12-Nov-2014   Boil Water Notice
Dunster Community Hall  Dunster  15-Apr-2008   Boil Water Notice
Dunster Fine Arts School Society  Dunster  7-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Eagle Pointe Lodge  Regional District - Skeena-Queen Charlotte  11-Jun-2018   Boil Water Notice
Eskay Creek Mine Water System  Iskut  26-Oct-2010   Boil Water Notice
Fir Bluff Water System  Telkwa  30-Aug-2010   Boil Water Notice
Fox Dairy Farms Ltd  Quesnel  10-Jul-2009   Boil Water Notice
Frontier Farwest Fishing Lodge  Smithers  1-Aug-2018   Boil Water Notice
Frontier Farwest Fishing Lodge - South Cabins  Smithers  1-Aug-2018   Boil Water Notice
Glacier Gulch Water Group Water System  Smithers  7-Nov-2005   Boil Water Notice
Gwillim Lake Provincial Park  Lone Prairie  23-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Hamblin Water System  Houston  26-Sep-2011   Boil Water Notice
Island Acres  Port Clements  9-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  21-Jun-2019   Boil Water Notice
Lakeview MHP  Fraser Lake  31-Oct-2016   Boil Water Notice
Lasser Ranches  Chetwynd  10-Jun-2009   Boil Water Notice
Leo Creek Fisheries Camp  Fort St James  4-Aug-2016   Boil Water Notice
Liard Hotsprings Resort (FN FN Ltd.)  Liard River  20-Oct-2017   Boil Water Notice
Long Lake Hydro Project - WEN Constructors  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  29-Sep-2011   Boil Water Notice
Lucille Mountain Water Users  McBride  21-Mar-1995   Boil Water Notice
Mackenzie Pulp  Mackenzie  19-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
McBride Christian Day School  McBride  10-Jun-2009   Boil Water Notice
Moberly Lake Provincial Park  Moberly Lake  23-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Molyhills Golf Course  Fraser Lake  5-Sep-2018   Boil Water Notice
Monkman Provincial Park - Well #1  Tumbler Ridge  4-Aug-2017   Boil Water Notice
Mount Layton Hot Springs Resort  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  19-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Mountain View Assembly Pentacostal Water System  Smithers  18-Sep-2019   Do Not Use
Mountain View MHP  McBride  21-Mar-1995   Boil Water Notice
Mountainview Adventures  Smithers  10-Jul-2017   Boil Water Notice
Mountainview Property Owner's Association Water System  Kitwanga  8-Aug-2011   Boil Water Notice
Ootsa Lake CWS  Burns Lake  5-Sep-2007   Boil Water Notice
Paul Lychak Hall (Evelyn Community Hall)  Smithers  14-Apr-2014   Do Not Use
Peace Christian School  Chetwynd  17-Jan-2019   Boil Water Notice
Peregrine Lodge - Water System  Regional District - Skeena-Queen Charlotte  17-Feb-2015   Boil Water Notice
Rainbow Creek CWS  McBride  15-Jun-2006   Boil Water Notice
Red Bluff Provincial Park  Granisle  24-Jun-2019   Boil Water Notice
Red Goat Lodge Water System  Iskut  16-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Ridley Island Water System  Prince Rupert  20-Jun-2016   Boil Water Notice
Riverside MHP  Houston  11-Apr-2017   Boil Water Notice
Round Lake Resort  Telkwa  6-Apr-2005   Boil Water Notice
Sandspit Airport Water System  Sandspit  28-Apr-2017   Boil Water Notice
Sasquatch Crossing Inn Well Water System  Pink Mountain  16-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Seymour Lake Water System  Regional District - Bulkley Nechako  11-Feb-2005   Boil Water Notice
Shady Rest RV Park  Houston  17-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Sinclair Mills Water Users Community  Sinclair Mills  1-Jul-1993   Boil Water Notice
Skeena Salmon Lodge  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  19-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Skeena Speyfishing Lodge  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  19-Jun-2015   Boil Water Notice
Spectra Energy - Sikanni Compressor Station N3 WS  PEACE RIVER REGIONAL DISTRICT  21-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Stellako Lodge  Fraser Lake  17-Aug-2018   Boil Water Notice
Stewart Community Water System  Stewart  2-Aug-2018   Water Quality Advisory
Sunset Water System  Telkwa  16-Oct-2013   Boil Water Notice
Tatuk Lake Resort  Vanderhoof  23-Jun-2016   Boil Water Notice
Tchentlo Lake Lodge  Fort St James  20-Jul-2009   Boil Water Notice
Topley Rest Area  Topley  11-Aug-2017   Boil Water Notice
Tuck FourPlex  Fort St James  22-Jul-2016   Boil Water Notice
Tyee Mobile Home Park  Telkwa  23-Aug-2019   Boil Water Notice
Valemount Pines Golf Club  Valemount  5-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Valhalla Creek Water System  Regional District - Kitimat-Stikine  23-Jul-2011   Boil Water Notice
Wabi Hill Mobile Home Park  Chetwynd  10-Sep-2019   Boil Water Notice
Whiskers Bay Resort  Fraser Fort George Regional District  19-Jul-2019   Boil Water Notice
Willow River General Store  Willow River  14-Mar-2012   Boil Water Notice