Rainbow Creek CWS

Facility Location:
170 Mountainview Road
McBride, V0J 2E0

Facility Information:
Facility Type:  2-14 Connections
Current Hazard Rating:   High

This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice

     Underlying Problems: Surface water source with no disinfection. Water users are neighbours who combined their individual surface water licences to create a single impoundment dam and distribution main. Consequently they unintentionally created a community water system, for which they are subject to the DWPA requirements. They are reticent to comply with disinfection and regulation as they are opposed to chlorination. They also do not currently collect water samples.
     Steps Taken to Remedy: Water system users advised of the need to boil their drinking water. No public exposure.
     Corrective Actions Remaining: Operator/neighbours need to apply for a Construction Permit to install disinfection equipment. Eligible for point-of-use treatment for a small water system but residents must organize a water system which would be responsible for the operation of the disinfection equipment. Source water quality is good but not potable. As there is no public exposure and residents are opposed to chlorination in particular, this Boil Water Notice will require a longer term to resolve.

Facility Inspection History:
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Document Type   Details
Routine Inspection  19-Jul-2019  High
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2017 to 30-Jun-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Oct-2016 to 31-Dec-2016
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2016 to 30-Jun-2016
Routine Inspection  27-Sep-2005  High