Willow River General Store

Facility Location:
488 Railway Avenue
Willow River, V0J 3C0

Facility Information:
Facility Type:  1 Public Connection
Current Hazard Rating:   Low

This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice

     Underlying Problems: Small lots with individual water & onsite sewerage disposal compromises the local aquifer. Remediation not likely to be effective.
     Steps Taken to Remedy: RDFFG has intentions to install water/sewerage systems for the town.
     Corrective Actions Remaining: Provide disinfection - waiting for town services. Infrequent sampling verifies suspected concerns.

Facility Inspection History:
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Document Type   Details
Other Inspection  1-Dec-2017  Low
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2017 to 30-Jun-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Oct-2016 to 31-Dec-2016
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2016 to 30-Jun-2016
Routine Inspection  1-Feb-2016  Low
Routine Inspection  7-Nov-2007  Low
Routine Inspection  23-Mar-2006  Low