Fox Dairy Farms Ltd

Facility Location:
2849 Holley Road
Quesnel, V2J 6L9

Facility Information:
Facility Type:  2-14 Connections
Current Hazard Rating:   Low

This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice

     Underlying Problems: Undeternined at start date. Source is a spring which will not provide potable water without disinfection..
     Steps Taken to Remedy: Triggered by a count of 3 E. coli, 71 total coliform, operator was informed of the unsatisfactory result and instructed to implement a Boil Water Notice.
     Corrective Actions Remaining: Determine cause of the unsatisfactory coliform count, disinfect source, distribution lines and resample. Spring source will require disinfection.

Facility Inspection History:
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Document Type   Details
Routine Inspection  19-Apr-2018  Low
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2017 to 30-Jun-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Oct-2016 to 31-Dec-2016
Sample Range Report  1-Apr-2016 to 30-Jun-2016