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Little Dreamers Preschool Ltd.

Facility Location:
33165 King Rd Abbotsford, V2S 7Z9

Contact Information
Phone Number: (604) 614-5308
Manager: Kirn Gill
* Facility managers should contact their assigned Licensing Officer if the contact information is incorrect.

Facility Information:
Facility Type: Child Care - 300
Service Type(s): 303 Preschool (30 months to school age), 305 Group Child Care (School Age)
Capacity: 20
Licensee/Owner: Little Dreamers Preschool Ltd.
Regulated under:Community Care & Assisted Living Act and Child Care Licensing Regulation

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Record Date
Routine Inspection  20-Sep-2022
Routine Inspection  22-Sep-2021
Routine Inspection  23-Jun-2020
Routine Inspection  25-Jun-2019
Routine Inspection  25-May-2018