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Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
3 Dogs Brewing1515 Johnston Rd
7-Eleven Canada (Store #37893)1595 Nichol Rd
Aloha Beach Picnic15529 Marine Dr
Angelic Teapot1351 Johnston Rd
Baja Cantina - Taco Shop & Seafood15519 Marine Dr
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar1 - 15223 Pacific Ave
Beach Break Pizza & Curry House Ltd15565 Marine Dr
Bean Around The World1400 Johnston Rd
Bin 101 Wine & Tapas Bar1434 Johnston Rd
Boathouse Restaurant (White Rock)14935 Marine Dr
Buena Vista Lodge Ltd15109 Buena Vista Ave
Cafe 81490 Johnston Rd
Candlelight Cuisine Catering1475 Anderson St
CCTV Chinese Restaurant15015 Marine Dr
Centennial Arena Concession14600 N Bluff Rd
Charlie Don't Surf15011 Marine Dr
Choco Flowers14973 Marine Dr
Cilantro Indian Cuisine14945 Marine Dr
City of White Rock Community Centre Kitchen15154 Russell Ave
Clancy's Tea Cosy6 - 15223 Pacific Ave
Coffee Mill1568 George St
Community Dinners15262 Pacific Ave
Concord Retirement Residence Food Service15869 Pacific Ave
Cones Creamery2 - 14961 Marine Dr
Coney Island Seafood15487 Marine Dr
Cosmos Greek Restaurant14871 Marine Dr
Country Sun Natural Foods1377 Johnston Rd
Crazy Cows Cafe & Gelato14971 Marine Dr
Damiano's Pizza1191 Johnston Rd