About Inspection Information:

The information posted on this site related to inspections of hazard ratings is valid only at the time the inspection was made. Conditions may and do change from time to time. This site does not reflect any changes made to correct the hazards identified or any new hazards that may occur subsequent to the time of the last inspection. In addition, there may be data entry errors in the information.

This site does not include reports and hazard ratings prior to January 1, 2003. When a new premises starts operation, there may be a delay in the time between when it is first listed on the site and when the first routine inspection is done. During this period, the facility may indicate a Hazard Rating of “Not Rated” and not show a last inspection date. Updated information is posted to this site as often as possible, taking into account such factors, amongst others, as how late in the business week or prior to holidays the information is obtained.

If a facility exceeds the maximum level of risk considered acceptable for continued operation or if the operator fails to correct violation(s) identified, the Public Health Inspector has the discretion to take further enforcement action, including ordering the facility closed.

Visitors to this site are cautioned against interpreting the status of a particular facility based on only one report. While every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and ensure that it is accurate, the Fraser Health Authority is not responsible for discrepancies between information posted here and the actual inspection reports provided to the food establishment, community care facility, personal service facility, swimming pool, hot tub, or water system and maintained on file at the FHA Health Protection offices.