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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Save On Foods #939 - Seafood Section12130 Nordel Way
Save On Foods #939 - Store12130 Nordel Way
Sawbuck's Pub1626 152nd St
Scott's 96 Pizza101 - 15932 96th Ave
Scott's Landing2 - 14877 108th Ave
Scott Hill Business Group1 - 9886 120th St
Scott Hill Pizza15154 Fraser Hwy
Scott Hill Pizza103 - 9380 120th St
Scott Hill Pizza (137th St)1110 - 7330 137th St
Scottsdale Lanes Snack/Lounge12033 84th Ave
Seahorse Grill12147 Sullivan St
Seaview Pentecostal Assembly14633 16th Ave
Second Cup - Store #968613750 96th Ave
Select Pizza110 - 8434 120th St
Select Pizza (72nd Ave)13635 72nd Ave
Selling Frozen Food (Holiland)10057 Whalley Blvd
Semiahmoo Chevron #3441776 Martin Dr
Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club1284 184th St
Semiahmoo House Society15306 24th Ave
Semiahmoo Secondary School1785 148th St
Seniors Come Share Society Day Program for Adults4 - 15355 102A Ave
Seoul Grill House100 - 15155 101st Ave
Serious Soups10281 128th St
Seriously Good Catering (Peace Portal Alliance Church)15128 27B Ave
Seriously Good Catering (Rotary Field House)2197 148th St
Seriously Good Catering (Royal Cdn Legion)2643 128th St
Seven Days Seafood And Grocery10711 King George Blvd
Shagun Sweets (Surrey)11 - 8388 128th St
Shahi Catering & Sweets106 - 12827 76th Ave
Shakerz Show Lounge10458 Whalley Blvd

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