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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
104 Sushi & Co.110 - 10422 168th St
108 Dairy Queen14741 108th Ave
1st R.O.W. Estate Winery104 - 2762 190th St
2 Sisters Poultry & Meat Ltd.5253 168th St
5 Star Catering5640 188th St
555 Pizza Ltd9192 120th St
62nd Gas & Snack [Esso]6221 King George Blvd
7-Eleven Canada2377 152nd St
7-Eleven Canada Store #366769583 132nd St
7-Eleven Store # 378686422 120th St
7-Eleven #2651717638 60th Ave
7-Eleven #34339101 - 14410 108th Ave
7-Eleven #345016021 168th St
7-Eleven #3463315961 Fraser Hwy
7-Eleven #3490713993 Fraser Hwy
7-Eleven #357702 - 6828 128th St
7-Eleven #36022H103 - 19188 72nd Ave
7-Eleven #37876H7195 King George Blvd
7-Eleven #38206101B & 102B - 19161 Fraser Hwy
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37206H)1 - 9989 152nd St
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37865H)14445 64th Ave
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37866H)10376 152nd St
7-ElevenStore and Gas Bar (Canada Store #37875H)10416 King George Blvd
777 Pizza & Donair203 - 7750 128th St
786 Bentley Convenience Store13527 King George Blvd
A-Chan Restaurant14787 108th Ave
A & S Meat and Poultry13165 76th Ave
A & S Meats & Poultry105 - 12827 76th Ave
A & W #07558811 126th St
A1 Coffee & Donuts14795 108th Ave