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Chilliwack Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Holland Shopping Centre (Chilliwack)8983 Young Rd
Homer's Restaurant46090 Yale Rd
Hugo's Mexican Kitchen7101 Vedder Rd
Husky Lickman Food & Fuel8032 Lickman Rd
Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc.#511 - Building 5 - 6388 Unsworth Rd
International House of Pancakes45466 Yale Rd
IPho Restaurant201 - 7084 Vedder Rd
J's Pizza (Chilliwack)106 - 5615 Teskey Way
Java Cafe4 - 9145 Corbould St
Jim's Pizza (Sardis)2 - 7301 Vedder Rd
Jim's Pizzeria (Young Rd)9218 Young Rd
Jimmy J's Restaurant8559 Young Rd
Jimoco Cafe & Pasta103 - 45863 Yale Rd
John's Fried Chicken3 - 45731 Hocking Ave
Johnny's Jukebox Diner45924 Wellington Ave
Johnston's5828 Promontory Rd
Johnston's Butcher Shop7339 Vedder Rd
Jolly Miller Neighbourhood Pub5865 Vedder Rd
Joshua House60550 Chilliwack Lake Rd
Jumbo Pizza (Chilliwack)2 - 9701 Menzies St
Kent's Chicken Coop Inc12 - 45966 Yale Rd
Kent's Chicken Coop (Warehouse)47582 Yale Rd
Kent's Scoop47582 Yale Rd
KFC #18262 - 45955 Yale Rd
KFC/Taco Bell #183245367 Luckakuck Way
Kick Ass CakesA - 7484 Vedder Rd
Kin's Farm Market200 - 45585 Luckakuck Way
Kinkora Golf Course Coffee Shop46050 Higginson Rd
Kita Japanese Restaurant208 - 7592 Vedder Rd
Klaassen Farms51211 Chilliwack Central Rd

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