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Delta Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
21 Century Trading Inc110 - 6951 72nd St
53 St & Ladner Trunk FreshCo5275 48th Ave
7-Eleven #148441565 56th St
7-Eleven #1484611199 84th Ave
7-Eleven #262856389 120th St
7-Eleven #295895723 Ladner Trunk Rd
88th Season's Mart Ltd11955 88th Ave
Afod Ltd940 Cliveden Ave
Agropur - Division Natrel8198 92nd St
Akari Japanese Restaurant (Delta)7261 120th St
Alfa Greco Roman Cuisine1097 56th St
Ali Baba Pizza4 - 1 Ferry Causeway
All-In Vending Ltd1700 Cliveden Ave
Altmaerker German Sausage House and Deli11150 84th Ave
Amaritsari Jagga Sweets9277 120th St
Angel Estate Winery2170 Westham Island Rd
Annieville Concession (Annieville Park)9240 112th St
Annieville Market10996 River Rd
Apollo Pizza9 - 11161 84th Ave
Aramark Canada Ltd.1 - 1585 Cliveden Ave
Asian Jazz Restaurant8263 120th St
Associated Brands7878 82nd St
Augustine House Food Service3820 Arthur Dr
Barnside Brewing6655 60th Ave
Bay Area Gourmet127 - 7198 Vantage Way
Bay Wineworks118 - 1077 56th St
Beach Grove Cafe1269 Beach Grove Rd
Beach Grove Golf Club - Bistro5946 12th Ave
Beach Grove Golf Club - Grill5946 12th Ave
Bell Park Concession5900 49A Ave