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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Happy Farm Group Centre for Children Food Service9458 134th St
Happy Jacks Cafe110 - 10470 152nd St
HappyCakes CupCakes & More101 - 18640 Fraser Hwy
Harrison9025 and 9067 160th St
Harrison West9025 and 9067 160th St
Harry's Pizza & Curry House Ltd105 - 7999 King George Blvd
Haru Japanese Restaurant102 - 19390 68th Ave
Haryana Sweets & Catering Service222 - 12448 82nd Ave
Hawthorne Beer Market & Bistro5633 176th St
Hazelmere Foods13165 76th Ave
Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club Lounge/Kitchen18150 8th Ave
Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club Main Dining Room18150 8th Ave
Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club Snack Bar18150 8th Ave
Hazelmere Lodge Food Service19475 16th Ave
Hazelmere RV Park & Campground - Store18843 8th Ave
Healthy Hearts Bistro122 - 6820 188th St
Healthy Monkey Cafe11 - 2970 King George Blvd
Healthy Monkey II910 - 15355 24th Ave
Helping Hands Children's Centre Food Service9012 160th St
Heng Hoa Meats14351 104th Ave
Henlong Bakery14351 104th Ave
Henlong Market14351 104th Ave
Hi-Way Market201 - 9801 King George Blvd
Hi Japanese Sushi132 - 3388 Rosemary Heights Cres
Hillside Lodge Food Service10592 125B St
Hillside Products102 - 13483 78th Ave
Hilton Villa Care Centre Partnership13525 Hilton Rd
Historical Stewart Farm13723 Crescent Rd
Hoi Fu Seafood14351 104th Ave
Holiday Inn Express Surrey - Breakfast Area15808 104th Ave

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