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Coquitlam Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Tim Hortons # 48131206 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Tim Hortons #24031450 United Blvd
Tim Hortons #2637109 - 2635 Barnet Hwy
Tina European DeliE - 931 Brunette Ave
Titi Home Made Food102 - 1196 Pinetree Way
Toedam Korean Restaurant250 - 329 North Rd
Togo Sushi (Coquitlam Centre)1208 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Tokki Foods2078 - 1163 Pinetree Way
Tong's Gourmet House2080 - 1163 Pinetree Way
Tops Chef Bakery and Pastry4 - 2662 Austin Ave
Town & Country Husky750 Lougheed Hwy
Tri-City Family Place3435 Victoria Dr
Triple O's (United Blvd)100 - 1988 United Blvd
T&T (Coquitlam) Bakery2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
T&T (Coquitlam) Hot Kitchen2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
T&T (Coquitlam) Meat Dept.2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
T&T (Coquitlam) Seafood Dept2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
T&T (Coquitlam) Supermarket2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
T&T (Coquitlam) Sushi Preparation Area2740 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Urban Gate - Store102 - 1158 The High St
Urban Gate Bakery102 - 1158 The High St
Valley House Food Service734 MacIntosh St
Van Houtte Coffee Division120 - 9 Burbidge St
Vancouver Golf Club Dining Room771 Austin Ave
Vancouver Golf Club Snack Bar771 Austin Ave
Vayat Restaurant1147 Austin Ave
Vesta Grill104 - 3025 Anson Ave
Vesuvio Pizzeria106 - 1196 Lansdowne Dr
Vina Vietnamese Gourmet2644 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Viva La Pizza608 Clarke Rd

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