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Coquitlam Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Supreme Freeze Dry Ltd106 - 155 Glacier St
Sushi Boss103 - 3033 Robson Dr
Sushi CaliforniaA - 501 North Rd
Sushi Koo100 - 2970 Glen Dr
Sushi Mori13 - 2565 Barnet Hwy
Sushi Town (Coquitlam)30 - 2773 Barnet Hwy
Sushi Tree1206 - 1163 Pinetree Way
Sushi U+128 - 1960 Como Lake Ave
Sweethoney Dessert (Coquitlam)3B - 555 North Rd
T-Brothers Food & Trading Ltd100 - 88 Brigantine Dr
Ta Bom Korean Cuisine Ltd.C - 1046 Austin Ave
Tahn Door1 - 228 Schoolhouse St
Take a Break Coffee Service105 - 17 Fawcett Rd
Tehran1566 Booth Ave
Thai Express2620 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
That Place Restaurant932 Brunette Ave
The Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe1015 - 1163 Pinetree Way
The Gully Canteen315 - 1196 Lansdowne Dr
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar - Coquitlam130 - 2991 Lougheed Hwy
The Kunjip Korean Restaurant101 - 1001 Austin Ave
The Lantern Public House925 Brunette Ave
The Madison1399 Foster Ave
The Pastry Box5 - 200 Golden Dr
The Tapestry Church2600 Austin Ave
The Taphouse Coquitlam405 North Rd
The Wild Fig Lounge405 North Rd
The Wild Fig Restaurant405 North Rd
Tiki-Ming2628 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Tim Horton's #3634650 - 3025 Lougheed Hwy
Tim Horton's #5762101 - 955 Austin Ave

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