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Chilliwack Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Tractorgrease Cafe48710 Chilliwack Lake Rd
Treehouse Children's Centre Food Service5696 Unsworth Rd
Triple O's7520 Vedder Rd
Triple O's45086 Yale Rd
Triple Play Pub45975 Wellington Ave
Tru Smoothie Bar45323 Hodgins Ave
Tulip Donairs45641 Lark Rd
Twisted Thistle Restaurant9254 Nowell St
UFV - Spirit Bear Cafe45190 Caen Ave
United Church Soup Kitchen45835 Spadina Ave
Unsworth Market5600 Unsworth Rd
Uptown GrillE - 46170 Yale Rd E
Vallee Sausage45860 Alexander Ave
Valley Vine To Wine Company, The104 - 45778 Gaetz St
Valley Water45820 Railway Ave
Valleyhaven Kitchen45450 Menholm Rd
Vedder Middle School - Cafeteria45560 South Sumas Rd
Vedder Sushi8 - 7300 Vedder Rd
Vedder Terrace6560 Vedder Rd
Verardfarms Ltd8565 Upper Prairie Rd
Vita Bella Bistro45355 Luckakuck Way
Waverly Seniors Village 3 (Main Kitchen)8445 Young Rd
Waverly Seniors Village 3 (Servery)8445 Young Rd
Waves Coffee House (Chilliwack)1 - 45560 Market Way
Wellington Local House45886 Wellington Ave
Wells Road Grocery45107 Wells Rd
Wendy's #77615 Vedder Rd
Wenro Farms6550 Chilliwack River Rd
Whey FrescoB - 44915 Yale Rd
Whispering Horse Winery43721 Vedder Mtn Rd

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