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Burnaby Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Al Salam Halal Meat6953 Kingsway
Alive Health Centre (Metropolis)1139 - 4700 Kingsway
Alkiss WaterB - 6756 Royal Oak Ave
All Saints Anglican Church Burnaby7405 Royal Oak Ave
Alvin Garden4850 Imperial St
AMA Catering6512 Brantford Ave
Amorosa/Santali Restaurant7870 Edmonds St
Anatolia's Gate Restaurant7084 Kingsway
Anna's Cake House207 - 9855 Austin Rd
Anton's Pasta4260 Hastings St
Aqua ZoneA - 6756 Royal Oak Ave
Arad Food Importers105 - 8585 Baxter Pl
Arbab Kabab House7481 Edmonds St
Argo Greek Cuisine108 - 3790 Canada Way
Arisu203 - 4501 North Rd
Arul Migu Thurkadevi Hindu Society (BC)7468 Edmonds St
Arwaz Hookah Lounge7751 6th St
Aryzta6229 Laurel St
ASA Sushi7608 Royal Oak Ave
Asia Global Trading Ltd2750 Ingleton Ave
Asia Trading Company2750 Ingleton Ave
Assam Tea Company (Beresford St)3 - 5837 Beresford St
Assi Supermarket5593 Kingsway
Assi Supermarket Take-Out5593 Kingsway
Astro's Cafe KitchenA - 2830 Douglas Rd
Audrey Moment Cafe120B - 6540 Burlington Ave
Aunty Lee Food1109, 1110 & 1111 - 4500 Kingsway
Ava Hi Seas Ship Suppliers4 - 3738 Keith St
Avi Pizza & Pasta7696 Royal Oak Ave
Ayoub's Dried Fruits and Nuts4162 Hastings St

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