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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Wendy's #910125 152nd St
West Village Cafe160 - 5620 152nd St
Westin PizzaA - 7182 120th St
Westminster House - Food Service1653 140th St
Whalley Ball Park Green Concession13350 105A Ave
Whalley Convenience Store13490 108th Ave
Whalley Little League Concession - Major Diamond13350 105A Ave
Whalley Round-up Cafe10449 King George Blvd
What The Pho13655 72nd Ave
White Hart Public House8593 132nd St
White Rock Baptist Church1657 140th St
White Spot Restaurant #12313580 102nd Ave
White Spot #62910181 152nd St
White Spot #6331681 152nd St
White Spot #651116 - 15157 No 10 Hwy
White Spot (Morgan Crossing)15877 Croydon Dr
Whitecliff Residence Foods Services15501 16th Ave
WIB Investments Corp105 - 18663 52nd Ave
Wild Wing115 - 7322 King George Blvd
Wine Kitz101 - 2428 King George Blvd
Wings Tap And Grill7124 King George Blvd
WNW Food Inc17 - 7743 128th St
Wok Box Training and Sauce Kitchen102 - 19074 22nd Ave
Wok Box (Grandview Corners)10 - 2285 160th St
Woo Korean BBQ110 - 16070 24th Ave
Woori Food Enterprises190 - 19288 22nd Ave
World Famous Chicken World1 - 12842 96th Ave
World Famous Chicken World (72nd Ave)14 - 13775 72nd Ave
WRSSBA (White Rock South Surrey Baseball Association) ConcessionSSAP - 14600 20th Ave
Wuyang Kitchen103 - 18640 Fraser Hwy

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