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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Vera's Burger Shack (Fraser Hwy)1 - 18660 Fraser Hwy
Verka Food International Ltd.13025 80th Ave
Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre14831 28th Ave
Viet City Restaurant14779 108th Ave
Village Sushi312 - 18690 Fraser Hwy
Vina1413 - 10355 152nd St
Vlassis Souvlaki & Greek Taverna10028 King George Blvd
Wal-mart Supercentre #1205 - Bakery2151 - 10153 King George Blvd
Wal-mart Supercentre #1205 - Deli2151 - 10153 King George Blvd
Wal-mart Supercentre #1205 - Store2151 - 10153 King George Blvd
Wal-Mart #583812451 88th Ave
Wal-Mart #5853 - Deli/Bakery2355 160th St
Wal-Mart #5853 - General Store2355 160th St
Walia Foods39 - 8236 128th St
Wally Lucie and Sons101 - 12171 Sullivan St
Warehouse Lunch and Catering211 - 8625 130th St
Waves Coffee House105 - 10777 University Dr
Wazobia13567 King George Blvd
Wendy's #1215959 Fraser Hwy
Wendy's #193077 152nd St
Wendy's #2517911 56th Ave
Wendy's #49412 120th St
Wendy's #910125 152nd St
West Village Cafe160 - 5620 152nd St
Westin PizzaA - 7182 120th St
Westminster House Food Service1653 140th St
Whalley Ball Park Green Concession13350 105A Ave
Whalley Convenience Store13490 108th Ave
Whalley Little League Concession - Major Diamond13350 105A Ave
Whalley Round-up Cafe10449 King George Blvd

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