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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Tim Hortons #311101 - 15551 Fraser Hwy
Tim Hortons #3146428 - 2443 Central City
Tim Hortons #32252355 160th St
Tim Hortons #32266422 120th St
Tim Hortons #330416141 24th Ave
Tim Hortons #367619218 96th Ave
Tim Hortons #410310392 120th St
Tim Hortons #4373 Country Woods3233 176th St
Tim Hortons #44571011 - 10355 152nd St
Tim Hortons #4461 - 1767 152nd St
Tim Hortons #4510101 - 2711 192nd St
Tim Hortons #458400 - 8080 120th St
Tim Hortons #503812467 88th Ave
Tim Hortons #627019171 Fraser Hwy
Tim Hortons #7386101 - 12941 115th Ave
Tim Hortons #879595 King George Blvd
Tim Hortons (Surrey Campus)12666 72nd Ave
Timbergrove Kitchen13922 101st Ave
Time Out101 - 6351 152nd St
Time Out - Baskin Robbins101 - 6351 152nd St
Time Out - California Gourmet Pizza101 - 6351 152nd St
Time to Grill Corp8005 King George Blvd
Tiny Wings Children's Centre - Food Service13047 24th Ave
TLC Creative Inc14162 Crescent Rd
Tobiko Sushi102 - 15951 Fraser Hwy
Tobiko Sushi102 - 2711 192nd St
Tofun Fusion Hot Pot14 - 3189 King George Blvd
Togo Sushi (Guildford)1382 Guildford Town Centre
Tomato Shack Pizza10322 Whalley Blvd
Tomu Sushi6 - 9613 192nd St

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