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Maple Ridge Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Maple Ridge Secondary School21911 122nd Ave
Maple Ridge Seniors Village22141 119th Ave
Maple Ridge Seniors Village (Main Kitchen)22141 119th Ave
Maple Ridge Seniors Village (Severy Kitchen)22141 119th Ave
Maple Ridge Shell Select20304 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge Treatment Centre Food Service22269 Callaghan Ave
Maple Sushi22282 Dewdney Trunk Rd
McDonald's #2288820390 Dewdney Trunk Rd
McDonald's #40233300 - 23981 Dewdney Trunk Rd
McDonald's #409522780 Lougheed Hwy
Meadow Ridge Town Pantry20592 Lougheed Hwy
Mealpackage Inc101 - 20450 Dewdney Trunk Rd
Meridian Farm Market (Maple Ridge)11980 227th St
Miller House20581 Maple Cres
Mom & Me Pies12041 York St
Mona Pizza (Maple Ridge)22292 Dewdney Trunk Rd
Mr Lunch Express Cafe5 - 20295 113B Ave
M&M Meat Shops #27214 - 20691 Lougheed Hwy
Nature's Choice "Coffee Roaster & Cafe"#6 - 11443 Kingston St
Nature's Choice (Spices and Herbs)#5 - 11443 Kingston St
New Maple Market5 - 11250 Waresley St
North Street Store22461 North Ave
Ocean Village Chinese Restaurant20830 Lougheed Hwy
One Way Club Society22270 North Ave
Pacific Sunrise Foods22060 River Rd
Paliotti's Ristorante Italiano12018 Edge St
Paliotti's WestsideB - 20757 Lougheed Hwy
Panago Pizza #04124 - 22441 Dewdney Trunk Rd
Panago #109105 - 20130 Lougheed Hwy
Papa John's Pizza #993322779 Dewdney Trunk Rd

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