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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Taqwa Foods7165 138th St
TAQWA HALAL FOODS200 - 8462 162nd St
Taste of Africa105 - 10663 King George Blvd
Taste of Himalayas209 - 7115 138th St
Taste of Lahore Restaurant & Sweets9526 120th St
Taste of Pho104 - 13979 104th Ave
Taste Of Punjab Restaurant10009 Whalley Blvd
Tastefully Yours By Jeff102 - 19329 Enterprise Way
Tasters Bakery147 - 10090 152nd St
Tasty Choice Food (2016) Ltd.305 - 7889 132nd St
Tasty Donair & Company Inc.125 - 13711 72nd Ave
Tasty Sandwich14351 104th Ave
Tawara Japanese Restaurant103 - 15153 No 10 Hwy
Teamo910 - 15355 24th Ave
Terry's No Frills15355 Fraser Hwy
Tesfa Farms18050 88th Ave
Texx Big Burger14783 108th Ave
Thai By Thai Restaurant102 - 9164 120th St
Thai Express1403 - 10355 152nd St
Thai Express (Central City)708 - 10153 King George Blvd
Thali Sweets and Restaurant102 - 15932 96th Ave
The Bean Factory16 - 18812 96th Ave
The Cabin12302 Beecher St
The Carvery102 - 2430 King George Blvd
The Chopped Leaf100 - 15161 Hwy 10
The Chopped Leaf (Hwy 10)116 - 17433 Hwy 10
The Clayton Public House5640 188th St
The Derby Bar and Grill115 - 17637 1st Ave
The Ellendale Program (Liz's House)11187 Ellendale Dr
The Gateway13787 100th Ave

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