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Burnaby Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
BJ Bread Corp7604 Royal Oak Ave
Blenz Coffee (Metropolis)K4 - 4700 Kingsway
Blenz Metrotown - NorthE21 - 4700 Kingsway
Bliss Cafe4027 Hastings St
Bloo Burnaby Restaurant4052 Hastings St
Blossom Teas23 - 7198 Barnet Rd
Bluebay Seafood Market4020 Hastings St
Bo Wah Fast Food2119 - 4500 Kingsway
Boba Boy150 - 5172 Kingsway
Boba Time Cafe101 - 6888 Royal Oak Ave
Body Energy Club240 - 7155 Kingsway
Boemma Euro Foods And Deli125 - 5172 Kingsway
Boiling Point5276 Kingsway
Bombay CurryA5 & A6 - 5279 Still Creek Ave
Bon Bon Bakery4622 Hastings St
Bonsor 55+ Coffee Bar6533 Nelson Ave
Bonsor Banquet Kitchen6550 Bonsor Ave
Bonsor Concession6550 Bonsor Ave
Booster Juice #303246 - 4820 Kingsway
Boss Restaurant238 - 4800 Kingsway
Boston Pizza #0235801 Marine Way
Boston Pizza #95135 - 6200 McKay Ave
Bourbon St Grill350 - 4820 Kingsway
Brazilian KitchenA5 & A6 - 5279 Still Creek Ave
Breakaways3676 Kensington Ave
British Columbia Society of Model Engineers120 N Willingdon Ave
Broken Rice Vietnamese Restaurant4088 Hastings St
Bronco Belle735 - 4567 Lougheed Hwy
Browns Social House (Brentwood)1908 Rosser Ave
Brulees For DaysA5 & A6 - 5279 Still Creek Ave

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