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Burnaby Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
12 Baskets Nutrition & Health5276 Grimmer St
2 Sisters Poultry & Meat Ltd5791 Sidley St
22's Grill4990 Canada Way
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters112 - 6741 Cariboo Rd
7-Eleven Canada #378517089 Lougheed Hwy
7-Eleven #235175175 Kingsway
7-Eleven #252927600 Royal Oak Ave
7-Eleven #258767265 Canada Way
7-Eleven #262413790 Canada Way
7-Eleven #342657890 Canada Way
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37853H)5059 Canada Way
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37858H)3720 Imperial St
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37860H)4444 Kingsway
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37861H)4512 Lougheed Hwy
7-Eleven (Canada Store #37878H)3965 North Rd
786 Spice Bazaar & VideoA - 9610 Cameron St
99 BBQ House2131 - 4500 Kingsway
A Taste of Ukraine4976 Kingsway
Abdul BBQ1691 - 4500 Kingsway
Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant7546 Edmonds St
Active Body Express101 - 4199 Lougheed Hwy
Active Body Nutrition (Burquitlam)204 - 3355 North Rd
Adam's Crepes5217 Rumble St
Admiral Pub & Grill4125 Hastings St
Affinity Group Canada8554 Baxter Pl
Afghan Turkish Cuisine422 Willingdon Ave
Agra Sweets & Restaurant7585 6th St
Agra Tandoori Restaurant110 - 3790 Canada Way
Agra Tandoori Restaurant (Market Crossing)7366 Market Crossing
Ajuker Grill & BBQ Chicken4327 North Rd