Facility Location
Little Nimmo Bay; MacKenzie Sound
RDMW Electoral Area A
Facility Information
Facility Type2-14 (DWS)
Current Hazard RatingLow
Boil Water Notice
  • Underlying Problems: Unacceptable water quality results (Microbiological)
  • Underlying Problems: Schedule A
  • Steps Taken to Remedy: Operator required to: 1) determine cause of unsatisfactory sample and/or source of contamination affecting Lodge side of the distribution system; 2) ensure treatment & disinfection system is operating properly and raw water by-pass isn't open; 3) submit follow-up samples; 4) disinfect and flush Lodge side of the distribution system if follow-up samples unsatisfactory; and 5) submit at least 2 sets of follow-up samples and be in receipt of satisfactory sample results before BWN is lifted.
  • Corrective Actions Remaining: To be determined
  • Facility History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details.
    Document Type Dates Details
    - Sample Range Report1-Jan-2019 to 31-Dec-2019
    Routine Inspection16-Jul-2019Low