Facility Location
7595 Bell McKinnon Road
Facility Information
Facility Type15-300 (DWC)
Current Hazard RatingModerate
Boil Water Notice
  • Underlying Problems: Insufficient treatment or disinfection residual
  • Underlying Problems: Water treatment equipment failure
  • Steps Taken to Remedy: Initiate BWN, notify users. Have a professional shock chlorinate distribution system and equipment, submit microbiological resamples for sites with adverse results, ensure 0.2 ppm.
  • Corrective Actions Remaining: To be determined
  • Facility History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details.
    Document Type Dates Details
    Routine Inspection1-Oct-2020Moderate
    - Sample Range Report1-Jan-2019 to 31-Dec-2019
    Routine Inspection24-Jun-2019Low
    Routine Inspection15-Mar-2019Moderate
    - Sample Range Report1-Jan-2018 to 31-Dec-2018
    Initial Inspection6-Jun-2018Low