Active Outbreak List

The Active Outbreak List is updated daily, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. When an outbreak is declared over, the facility is removed from the list. Find out more about active outbreaks here.

Outbreak Information:

As of:24-Apr-2018 @ 08:00 PM PST

Facility Name Facility Address Date Started Agent Status Notes
ABERDEEN HOSPITAL 1450 Hillside Avenue, Victoria24-Apr-2018Tests PendingGastrointestinal or Norovirus-like illnessLansdowne Unit
CENTRAL PARK LODGE/ GLENWARREN1230 Balmoral Road, Victoria13-Apr-2018Influenza BRespiratory or Influenza-like illnessRestrictions imposed on Team 2 and Team 4 only
RJH ACUTE CARE1952 Bay Street, Victoria16-Apr-2018Tests PendingClostridium DifficileICU only
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