Facility Name Facility Address Date Started Agent Status Notes
AMICA DOUGLAS HOUSE50 Douglas Street, Victoria27-Dec-2021COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
BEACON HILL VILLA635 Superior Street, Victoria12-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
COMOX VALLEY SENIORS VILLAGE18-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illnessUnit F1 and DF2
DUFFERIN PLACE 1200 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo10-Jan-2022COVID-19OtherArbutus and Birch units have been included in the outbreak.
EAGLE RIDGE MANOR9120 Granville Road, Port Hardy17-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
GLENWARREN LODGE1230 Balmoral Road, Victoria4-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
NANAIMO REGIONAL GENERAL HOSPITAL1200 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo25-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illnessOutbreak contained to 4th and 5th floor
RJH ACUTE CARE1952 Bay Street, Victoria13-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illnessOutbreak limited to 8 South East
SELKIRK SENIORS VILLAGE385 Waterfront Crescent, Victoria4-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
SPH ECU 22166 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton10-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illness
THE SUMMIT CARE RESIDENCE AT QUADRA VILLAGE955 Hillside Avenue, Victoria19-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illnessOutbreak is currently declared for Eagle House only.
VGH ACUTE CARE1 Hospital Way, Victoria24-Jan-2022COVID-19Respiratory or Influenza-like illnessUnit 6A and 6B only