How to use the search tool

Searches apply to all data within the website, not just the food facility names. For example, a search such as "Canada" would probably return a listing of all facilities in the website, since they would all reside in Canada.
The searches do look at some word variants, such as the letter s. If you do a search for "McBob" it would return results for "McBobs". However, many searches would not work, including street types and name variations. "Mc Bobs" might return better results than "McBobs" (without the space). Street names are not abbreviated, so entering "North Street" would return results, while "North St" may not.

Some example searches
Broadway- Search for all facilities on "Broadway St". This could also return Broadway Ave, or "Broadway Night Club"
Metropolis- Search for all facilities in the city "Metropolis". Perhaps this would also return the "Metropolis Cafe"
Restaurant- Search for all facilities that are restaurants

This search engine differs from most common internet search engines in that it doesn't search seperately for each individual word you specify. Instead, it searches for the entire phrase. For example, you might want to do a search for all McFries and ChickenKing restaurants. Entering "McFries ChickenKing" would look for a restaurant named "McFries ChickenKing", which wouldn't return the search results you want.

Example searches using operators
McFries or ChickenKing- Search for all facilities with the words "McFries" or "ChickenKing"
Mc and Fries- Search for all facilities with the words "Mc" and "Fries"
Mc*- Search for all facilities with text that starts with the text "Mc"
"Mc Fries"- Search for all facilities with the exact phrase "Mc Fries"