NIGEL HOUSE - Inspection Report
Inspection Information:
Facility TypeResidential Care - 400
Inspection TypeFollow-up
Inspection DateApril 24, 2017

Contraventions: No new contraventions were found during this inspection.

The following were still in contravention as of April 24, 2017

Code Category/Description Inspection
Legislation: RCR 37(1)(e)
A licensee must not employ a person in a community care facility unless the licensee or, in the case of a person who is not the manager, the manager has obtained all of the following: evidence that the person has complied with the Province's immunization and tuberculosis control programs.
Follow-up #GPIL-AK7VGE Mar-02-2017
Legislation: RCR 40(1)(a)
A licensee must ensure that the performance of each employee is reviewed both regularly and as directed by the medical health officer under subsection (2) to ensure that the employee continues to meet the requirements of this regulation,
Follow-up #GPIL-AK7VGE Mar-02-2017