RAWTHENTIC - Inspection Report
This facility was given high hazard rating. More info
Inspection Information
Facility typeFood (Restaurant)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateDecember 03, 2018
Number of critical violations2
Number of non-critical violations0
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description
105  Critical Inadequate Cooling & Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
Potentially Hazardous Food (Kombucha) stored at unsafe temperature (21°C). Cooler is not working. Food immediately removed from sales. Food (Kombucha) to be discarded. Store kombucha at 4°C (or lower).
106  Critical Inadequate Hot Holding Temperature of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
Potentially Hazardous Foods (bowl of vegetables) store at unsafe temperature (40°C). Dehydrator is not able to keep temperature above 60°C. Potentially Hazardous Foods (rehydrated vegetables) must be stored at 4°C or lower or 60°C or higher.
Temperature logs are being maintained for most coolers. Add Kombucha cooler. Add hot holding for re-hydrated vegetables. Follow up on or after December 5, 2018.