CATALANO - Inspection Report
This facility was given low hazard rating. More info
Inspection Information
Facility typeFood (Restaurant)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateJuly 11, 2017
Number of critical violations0
Number of non-critical violations3
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description
110   Food Not Protected - General
Garbage bags found in insert cooler on cook line. Please do not use garbage bags. Instead use food grade bags - Corrected on site.
115   Inadequate Insect / Rodent Control
Droppings found in dry storage area. Please clean up the droppings and check other storage areas for pest activity. Place additional traps where needed.
116   Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment
Found debris build up note in hard to reach areas. Please clean hard to reach areas under the cook line + equipment.
A routine inspection was conducted. The facility is generally very clean + well maintained. Hand washing sinks stocked with soap + paper towel. Cold holding units at 4°C(40°F) Freezers at -18°C(0°F) or less. Hot holding units measured at 60°C(140°F). Chlorine low temperature dish washer concentration measured at 50 ppm. Glass washer measured 50ppm. Temperature logs are being maintained + recorded daily. Add glass washer concentration + bar milk fridge to record sheet and record daily.