Alta Bistro - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:September 10, 2012
Number of critical violations:0
Number of non-critical violations:  2
Follow-up Required:  Yes

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Description / Observation / Corrective Action
118   Other (Specify)
Observation: A new vacuum packing machine has been installed in the basement storage area where no sink is available. The manager was advised that this machine must be moved to the kitchen area. The operator is planning to move the machine to the newly proposed extension to the kitchen. The operator was advised that the vacuum packing machine can only be kept in the basement as a temporary measure.
Corrective Action:
701   Operator has written food handling procedures in place to prevent health hazards (Sec 23 (2))
Observation: The operator has started making vegetable pickles in the restaurants for the restaurant use. A new sous-vide meat cooking process has also been introduced. The existing food safety plan does not cover these newly introduced food items and processes. The manager advises that he is planning to sell the canned pickled products directly to the customer out of the restaurant in future.
Corrective Action: Please provide the food safety plan covering the newly added items. The plan must include the following items: - Information on the identification of the critical steps. - Information on the critical limits for the critical steps. - Information on the monitoring procedures to ensure that the critical limits are being met. - Information on the corrective actions to be taken when critical limits are not met. All the pickled vegetable products must be sent to the food lab for pH and/or water activity testing to verify the shelf stability of the products. Once shelf stability of the products is established, a standardized recipe must be used to ensure that the product remains shelf stable.


In compliance items:
Refrigeration temperatures are below 4 degree Celsius.
Freezer temperatures are below -18 degree Celsius.
The dishwasher and glass washer are sanitizing at more than 71 degree Celsius on the dishes.
Hand washing facilities are satisfactory- Please make sure that paper towel is available on the front bar all the times.
Bathrooms are well maintained.
Maintenance of the facility is satisfactory.
Temperature logs are being maintained.
Food safe certified food handler available.
Food storage practices appear to be satisfactory.
Food handling practices appear to be satisfactory.
Thermometers provided in all the fridges.