Rendezvous Ridge and Christine's - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:December 19, 2014
Number of critical violations:0
Number of non-critical violations:  5
Follow-up Required:  No

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Description / Observation / Corrective Action
116   Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment
Observation: There is a hole in the floor at the drain of the walk in cooler in the main storage area for Rendezvous downstairs. This may be a tripping hazard.
Corrective Action: Make the drain cover flush with the floor to eliminate the tripping hazard.
116   Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment
Observation: There was a water leak next the laundry area at the time of inspection.
Corrective Action: Investigate the source of the water leak and repair this area, including anydrywall that may have been damaged.
116   Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment
Observation: The staff washroom in the rendezvous kitchen has been removed and turned into a deli slicer prep area. The toilet equipement has been removed but the area is incompletely finished. The paint on the walls is chipped, unfinished and not easily cleanable. Similarly, the flooring is not smooth and easily cleanable.
Corrective Action: Properly seal the hole in the floor, repair holes in the wall or flooring and repaint the walls so that the entire area is properly sealed up and the surfaces are smooth, non porous and easily cleanable.
402   Food is protected from contamination (Sec 12(b))
Observation: At the burger line, the hot holding unit was turned down so that burgers were hot held at less than 60C.
Corrective Action: Corrected at the time of inspection. All burgers were immediately placed on the grill, the hot holding of this food had not occurred for more than 2 hours.
504   Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces are operated in a safe/sanitary manner (Sec 16(c))
Observation: A knife was stored in between equipment on the main service line at rendezvous.
Corrective Action: Corrected at the time of inspection. Staff removed the knife for cleaning and inidcated that this was not the typical storage location for the utensil.
705   Written actions to be followed up when critical limits are not met (Sec 23 (3)(d))
Observation: The temperature logs are very well maintained and are complete and up to date, with staff properly identifying hazards when they occur, however there is nothing in the temperature logs that indicates the type of corrective action that was taken when the protective temperatures are not in compliance. Verbally, staff were very knowledgeable about food safety and know the proper corrective action to be taken in the event that equipment malfunctioned, but the current logs do not include sections for corrective action to be recorded.
Corrective Action: To further complete the HACCP steps for the temperature logs at WB, the actions taken by staff to eliminate the hazard should be included in the records. For example, a standard list of corrective actions could be compiled, which are represented by symbols that are written next to the temperature entry on the log book or alternatively staff should make notes whenever the temperatures don't meet requirements indicating the steps that were taken to correct the problem.
804   Premises are protected from entrance of pests (Sec 26(c))
Observation: Pest control monitoring is much improved throughout the premises, however some evidence of mice was noted at the time of inspection.
Corrective Action: Product affected was discarded at the time of inspection.


Rendezvous Inspection: Premises is clean and well maintained with the exception of the items noted above. All protective temperatures meet regulatory requirements at time of inspection. Dishwasher reaches 71C at the dish as required.

Christine's Inspection: Premises is very clean and well maintained. No concerns noted at the time of inspection.