Earl's Restaurants (Whistler) Ltd - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Follow-Up
Inspection date:October 07, 2013
Number of critical violations:1
Number of non-critical violations:  0
Follow-up Required:  No

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Description / Observation / Corrective Action
403  Critical Cold potentially hazardous foods are stored/displayed at or below 4 degrees C (Sec 14(2))
Observation: Observed shredded cheese being stored at room temperature.
Corrective Action: Cheese must be stored on the line cooler.


Follow up inspection.

The following items from the previous inspection have now been corrected:

The cooling is now being done on an ice bath. Ice wands are also being used in conjunction with the ice bath. The final temperature is monitored but not recorded. The operator is advised to start a cooling temperature recording log.

The chef advises that the potentially hazardous items on the ice bath near the grill has a turn over time of less than 2 hours and only brought outside of the fridge during meal rush. All these items also has a final cooking step. The ice underneath these items is also replaced when required.The operator advised by the EHO that even with a final cooling step, a temperature control is required for any potentially hazardous item. In no case, these items be stored in a danger temperature zone for more than 2 hours. The written food safety plan for Earls must be followed and an ice bath must not be considered as a replacement of a refrigerator.

The operator is advised that during future inspections, if any potentially hazardous items on the ice bath are found to be held at more 4 degree Celsius for more than 2 hours, the EHO can require all these items to be relocated onto the line cooler. A diligent temperature monitoring, ice restocking and/or time control will be required to carry on this practice of using the ice bath.