Four Seasons Whistler Main Kitchen - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:May 10, 2013
Number of critical violations:0
Number of non-critical violations:  6
Follow-up Required:  No

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Description / Observation / Corrective Action
116   Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment
Observation: The granite countertop in the far kitchen is broken and un-cleanable.
Corrective Action: Repair or replace this counter so that it is smooth, non porous, and easily cleanable.
402   Food is protected from contamination (Sec 12(b))
Observation: The mechanical line cooler inserts in the far kitchen are not covered during slow periods.
Corrective Action: Ensure that the line cooler inserts are covered during slow periods as the temperature of the inserts begins to increase over time.
506   Equipment/utensils are maintained in a sanitary condition (Sec 17(1a))
Observation: Some scrapers and utensils were stored between equipment on the grill line. Also the deli slicer at the far end of the kitchen was not properly cleaned at the time of inspection.
Corrective Action: Utensils were removed at the time of inspection. Ensure that this practice is discontinued and that the meat slicer recieves enhanced cleaning regularly.
507   Equipment, utensils and food surfaces are washed and sanitized (Sec 17(2))
Observation: The mechanical pot washer does not reach 71C at the dish as required for proper sanitizing of dishes.
Corrective Action: Ensure that the pot washer is properly fixed immediately. In the interim, prepare a sanitizing rinse for all large pots and put them in this rinse container for 30 seconds after washing in this unit. The procedure was explained to staff during the inspection. A follow up inspection will be completed next week to verify that the potwasher has been repaired.
508   Adequate equipment/facilities available for sanitary maintenance (Sec 17(3))
Observation: The hand wash station in the room service area was out of paper towel. The hand wash station in the bar area was out of paper towel.
Corrective Action: Ensure that these are properly stocked.
705   Written actions to be followed up when critical limits are not met (Sec 23 (3)(d))
Observation: Temperature logs are not complete and up to date.
Corrective Action: Ensure that temperature logs are once again filled out regularly - the last date entered in all logs were from April 20th


Premises is otherwise very well maintained. A reinspection will be completed to address the potwasher - ensure that a repair technician is called immediately.

Food handling practices are satisfactory.
· Handwashing facilities are satisfactory.
· Refrigeration temperatures are satisfactory (< 4 degrees C / 40 degrees F)
· Thermometers provided in every cooling unit containing perishable food.
· Freezer temperatures are satisfactory (< -18 degrees C / 0 degrees F).
· Hot holding temperatures are satisfactory (> 60 degrees C / 140 degrees F)
· The mechanical dishwashing procedure is satisfactory (final rinse water temperature is > 71 degrees C / 160 degrees F for 10 seconds, measured at the dish)
· Mechanical glass washing procedure is satisfactory
· Warewashing temperatures and sanitizer concentrations are being verified by staff.
· Equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces used on the premises are washed and sanitized in a manner that removes contamination.
· Are food storage practices are satisfactory.
· All food observed is received from approved sources.
· No cross connections observed.
· Backflow devices are present.
· No expired/ old food was observed.
· No evidence of pests observed at time of inspection.
· Integrated Pest Management is in place, including – pest proofing of doors, windows, and openings, and the use of proper sealable containers to store food.
· At least one staff on site has Foodsafe training at time of inspection.
· A Food Safety Plan has been completed.
· The washrooms are clean and well-supplied.
· Food contact surfaces are smooth, washable, non absorbent & free of defects.
· Non food contact surfaces (floors, walls ceilings) are in good repair.
· Chemicals are labeled and stored safely.
· The garbage disposal area is well-kept.
· There is adequate lighting and covers for the lights.
· There is adequate ventilation; professional cleaning.