Island Acres

Facility Location:
66196 Highway 16
Port Clements, N/A

Facility Information:
Facility Type:  1 Public Connection
Current Hazard Rating:   Unknown

This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice

     Underlying Problems: Unknown. As a result of several unsatisfactory water results the EHO will be assessing the water system’s need for the installation of treatment.
     Steps Taken to Remedy: Operator has disinfected and flushed the well. Environmental Health Officer (EHO) has spoken with the operator to initiate a Boil Water Notice (BWN) protocol. Operator to review aseptic procedures for taking and submitting bacteriological water samples.
     Corrective Actions Remaining: Refer to the well disinfection guideline to ensure that the well was disinfected and flushed properly. If not, the well will have to be disinfected again according to the instructions provided. Submit two bacteriological water samples, taken at least 24 hours apart. Results must show the absence of total coliforms and E.coli before the EHO will consider removal of the BWN. EHO to investigate and assess the water system with the operator to identify possible sources of contamination and/or water system vulnerabilities.

Facility Inspection History:
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Document Type   Details
Sample Range Report  27-Jan-2010 to 27-Jan-2020
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2013 to 31-Dec-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jul-2017 to 30-Sep-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jul-2016 to 30-Sep-2016