Lakelse Air Dease Lake Water System

Facility Location:
1 Airport Road
Dease Lake, V0C 1L0

Facility Information:
Facility Type:  2-14 Connections
Current Hazard Rating:   Low

This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice

     Underlying Problems: Total coliform bacteria were detected in water samples collected from the trailer and house sampling sites on the 8th of October, 2019. The cause of the unsatisfactory results is unclear.
     Steps Taken to Remedy: The operator was directed to issue a boil water notice to the water users. Signs will be posted above taps to alert staff. Instructions for disinfecting the water system were provided.
     Corrective Actions Remaining: The water system will need to be shock-chlorinated, flushed and re-sampled. If two sets of consecutive samples collected after disinfection and flushing have satisfactory results (showing no detectable total coliform bacteria or E. coli), and there are no other concerns, the environmental health officer may remove the boil water notice.

Facility Inspection History:
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Document Type   Details
Routine Inspection  25-Sep-2020  Low
Follow-Up Inspection  23-Aug-2019  Low
Routine Inspection  26-Jun-2019  Low
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2013 to 31-Dec-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jul-2017 to 30-Sep-2017
Routine Inspection  26-May-2017  Low
Sample Range Report  1-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Sample Range Report  1-Jul-2016 to 30-Sep-2016
Initial Inspection  23-Aug-2016  Low