Black Diamond - Little Prairie Lodge - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:October 09, 2019
Number of critical violations:1
Number of non-critical violations:  1
Follow-up Required:  Yes

This facility was given a moderate hazard rating.
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A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Description
302  Critical Repeat Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces not properly washed and sanitized [s. 17(2)]
Observation: Inadequate sanitizing rinse solution. No sanitizer detected. (Public Health significance) - Automatic dish washers must provide a minimum concentration of 50 parts per million (ppm) as required to effectively sanitize dishware, 100 ppm recommended. Chlorine solution being used is 100 ppm already so when fed into the machine is further diluted undetectable level.
Corrective Action: Immediately initiate manually adding unscented household bleach to the rinse water of the dishwasher as discussed. Test the concentration using provided test strips to ensure a concentration of 50-100 ppm for each cycle. Order the correct concentrated chlorine sanitizer solution for the dishwasher. Commercial dishwasher sanitizer is typically about 12% chlorine.
306   Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation: Observed build-up of food crumbs under shelves and equipment, which may attract and provide food source for pests.
Corrective Action: Ensure routine cleaning includes cleaning under all shelves and equipment to prevent pest harbourage.