Prince Rupert Food Facilities

List All Food Facilities in this Area (sorted by name)
List All Food Facilities in this Area (sorted by hazard rating)

Name    Facility Location   Last Inspection Details
Genetics Fitness  253 - 309 2nd Avenue West  20-Nov-2018  Low
Golf Club Restaurant  523 9th Avenue West  25-Jan-2019  Low
Gym, The  501 3rd Avenue West  15-Oct-2018  Low
Highliner Inn Plaza  815 1st Avenue West  24-Jan-2019  Low
Javadotcup  516 3rd Avenue West  24-Jun-2021  Low
Jim Ciccone Civic Centre (Lower Kitchen)  1000 McBride Street  4-Feb-2020  Low
La Gondola Restaurant  700 1st Avenue West  2-Sep-2021  Low
Loyal Order Of Moose - Bar  745 1st Avenue West  29-Jan-2019  Low
Loyal Order Of Moose - Kitchen  745 1st Avenue West  29-Jan-2019  Low
Mama's Restaurant & Steakhouse  935 2nd Avenue West  13-May-2019  Low
Maverick Food Mart  1352 11th Avenue East  5-Oct-2020  Low
McDonalds Restaurant  99 11th Avenue East  12-Feb-2020  Low
Moby Dick Inn - Pub  935 2nd Avenue West  25-Jan-2019  Low
Mucho Gusto Catering  2345 Seal Cove  13-Oct-2020  Low
Naomi's Grill  737 2nd Avenue West  2-Sep-2021  Low
Neptune Restaurant  1051 Chamberlain Avenue  27-Apr-2021  Low
Opa Japanese Sushi Bar  34 Cow Bay Road  1-Sep-2021  Low
P & P Steak and Pasta  816 3rd Avenue West  1-May-2019  Low
Panago Pizza  182 3rd Avenue East  14-Oct-2020  Low
Pembina LPG Watson Island Lodge  Watson Island  5-Oct-2020  Low
Pho 88 Restaurant  427 3rd Avenue West  13-Sep-2019  Low
Pita Pit Prince Rupert  612 2nd Avenue West  2-Sep-2021  Low
Pizza Hut Prince Rupert  616 3rd Avenue West  1-Sep-2021  Low
PJ's Midway-Hot Food Counter  901 6th Avenue East  15-Jan-2019  Low
Prestige Prince Rupert Hotel  118 6th Street  18-Dec-2020  Low
Prince Rupert Cinemas  525 2nd Avenue West  1-Oct-2020  Low
Prince Rupert Curling Club - Kitchen & Lounge  2401 Seal Cove Road  13-Oct-2020  Low
Prince Rupert Minor Hockey  1000 McBride Street  7-Feb-2019  Low
Rainbow Market Ltd.  265 Prince Rupert Blvd  6-Nov-2020  Low
Rodho's Pizza  716 2nd Avenue West  21-Oct-2020  Low

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