Prince Rupert Food Facilities

List All Food Facilities in this Area (sorted by name)
List All Food Facilities in this Area (sorted by hazard rating)

Name    Facility Location   Last Inspection Details
Kaien Island Cafe  309 3rd Avenue West  14-Nov-2022  High
PJ's Midway-Hot Food Counter  901 6th Avenue East  11-Jan-2023  High
Don Cherry's Sports Grill  240 1 Avenue West  27-Sep-2022  Moderate
No.1 Fast Food  500 2 Avenue West  14-Nov-2022  Moderate
7-Eleven Store #32167  250 2 Avenue West  18-Oct-2022  Low
Aboriginal Headstart  313 Prince Rupert Blvd  27-Oct-2022  Low
Acropolis Manor - East Pod Servery  1325 Summit Avenue  3-Feb-2022  Low
Acropolis Manor - North Pod Servery  1325 Summit Avenue  3-Feb-2022  Low
Acropolis Manor - West Pod Servery  1325 Summit Avenue  3-Feb-2022  Low
Annunciation Church  635 5th Avenue West  20-Jan-2023  Low
Bamboo Shoot Restaurant  631 2nd Avenue West  12-Aug-2021  Low
Bob's On the Rocks  299 George Hills Way  10-Jun-2021  Low
Breakers Pub  117 George Hills Way  16-Jan-2023  Low
Cafe Hong Lan  685 3rd Avenue West  14-Aug-2019  Low
Canada Safeway Deli - Prince Rupert  200 2 Avenue West  18-Jul-2022  Low
Cook.A.Roux  1128 6th Avenue East  30-Oct-2020  Low
Cowpuccino's Coffee House  25 Cow Bay Road  27-Oct-2022  Low
Crane's Crossing  1080 3 Avenue West  2-Dec-2022  Low
Crest Dining Room & Charley's Lounge  222 1 Avenue West  24-Oct-2022  Low
Crow's Nest Lodge  1450 Park Avenue  27-Jan-2023  Low
Dolly's Fish Market  7 Cow Bay Road  14-May-2021  Low
Dumela Coffee And Ice Cream Shop  500 2nd Avenue West  31-Aug-2021  Low
Eddies News - Icecream  611 2nd Avenue West  19-Nov-2020  Low
First United Church  636 6th Avenue West  19-Jan-2023  Low
Friendship House  744 Fraser Street  17-Dec-2020  Low
Fukasaku  110 - 215 Cow Bay Road  9-Mar-2021  Low
Galaxy Gardens Restaurant  844 3rd Avenue West  7-Feb-2019  Low
Golf Club Restaurant  523 9th Avenue West  25-Jan-2019  Low
Gym, The  501 3rd Avenue West  15-Oct-2018  Low
Highliner Inn Plaza  815 1 Avenue West  24-Jan-2019  Low