White Spot Restaurant - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:August 02, 2007
Number of critical violations:2
Number of non-critical violations:  0
Follow-up Required:  Yes

This facility was given a moderate hazard rating.
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A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code Description
105Critical Repeat Inadequate Cooling & Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
Observation: Grill trays cheese slices @ 19°C. Grill prep trays surface of ham 12°C. Feta cheese internal 12°C. Pasta trays - pasta & stir fried veggies held at 6 to 14°C. Coleslaw held at 12°C.
Corrective Action: All potentially hazardous foods must be kept <=4°C or >=60°C. Move all hazardous food to cooler to maintain at <=4°C immediately until you can find a way to keep them cold.
108Critical Repeat Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils
Observation: 1. Wiping clothes are cotton and stored in Quats sanitizer. Sanitizer solution is <=100 ppm. Clothes are used to wipe all surfaces. often without using additional spray of fresh quats. Spray bottles at 100 ppm. 2. Knives are wiped with wiping clothes rather than put through dishwasher between uses. 3. Prep counter are not cleaned of meat juices.
Corrective Action: 1. Quats must be 200 ppm. Clothes must be non-cotton by Aug 5, 2007. 2. Wash knives in dish washer beginning immediately. 3. Always wipe prep counter between different types of users. Do immediately.