Thanh Vu Restaurant - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Inspection type:Initial
Inspection date:July 08, 2005
Number of critical violations:2
Number of non-critical violations:  0
Follow-up Required:  Yes

This facility was given a low hazard rating.
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A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code Description
102Critical Food Not Protected From Contamination - Micro
Observation: Walk-in cooler - raw meats/fish stored over other foods.
Corrective Action: Store below other foods to prevent contamination from raw juices.
105Critical Inadequate Cooling & Refrigerated Storage of Potentially Hazardous Food(s)
Observation: Pot of soup cooling in walk-in above 40 degrees C was too large to cool properly
Corrective Action: Cool foods in smaller, more shallow containers or in ice stirring frequently and check temperatures to be sure to cool from 60 degrees C to 20 degrees C in less than 2 hours and then to 4 degrees C in less than 4 hours.