Stepping Stones (Roy Wilcox) Child Care Centre

Facility Details
Address7 Carlson Street
Kitimat, V8C 1A9
Phone #778-631-2071
Conditions on licenceNo conditions indicated.
Facility Information
Facility typeChild Care - 300
Facility ownerKitimat Community Development Centre Society
Service type(s)301 Group Child Care (Under 36 months)
302 Group Child Care (30 Months to School Age)
305 Group Child Care (School Age)
310 Multi-Age Child Care
310 Multi-Age Child Care
Facility Inspection History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details
Inspection Type Inspection Details
Routine Inspection14-Jul-2023
Follow-up Inspection18-May-2022
Routine Inspection5-May-2022
Non-Visit Follow-up Inspection1-Mar-2021
Routine Inspection24-Feb-2021
Non-Visit Follow-up Inspection14-Feb-2020
Routine Inspection6-Feb-2020