About Personal Service Facility Hazard Ratings.

The Hazard Rating represents the relative level or degree of hazard of the personal services facility determined by the Public Health Inspector for a particular inspection. It is normally the sum of all violations identified at the inspection. However, an Inspector may alter the Rating depending on the seriousness of the noted condition(s).

In general, the Hazard Rating describes the condition of a personal services facility at the time of inspection as follows:

Low: The personal services facility was found to be in general compliance with the Regulation and is following good sanitation and infection control procedures. There were no critical hazards and no more than a few non-critical hazards identified at the time of inspection. The Public Health Inspector feels that there are no issues related to sanitation and infection control requiring immediate correction.

Moderate: The personal services facility was found to be mostly in compliance with the Regulation, but there are some problems related to sanitation and or operating procedures. The Public Health Inspector feels there are some issues relating to sanitation or infection control requiring immediate correction in order to ensure long-term protection of public health.

High: Significant problems were noted related to sanitation and or infection control procedures. The facility's current operation significantly increases the risk of infection to clients and the operator must take immediate corrective action. The facility is approaching the highest level of risk considered acceptable for its continued operation. The facility may be closed it if conditions worsen or the operator fails to eliminate the hazards.

Updated August 2, 2007