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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Kim Hoang Restaurant30 - 10330 152nd St
Kimbelee Place12935 96th Ave
Kimchi Palace Restaurant200 - 6019 196th St
Kin's Farm Market12155 72nd Ave
Kin's Farm Market101 - 2990 152nd St
Kin's Farm Market1285 - 2695 Guildford Town Centre
Kin Thai Kitchen & Bar50 - 2443 161A St
King-Cone Wafflecone111 - 12465 82nd Ave
King Do Restaurant13922 104th Ave
King George Husky3515 King George Blvd
King George Pizza232 - 7093 King George Blvd
King Sushi (16th Ave)12883 16th Ave
King Tut's Donair and Pizza5691 177B St
Kinsmen Lodge9650 137A St
Knight & Day9677 King George Blvd
Koco Espresso103 - 13585 16th Ave
Korean Central Presbyterian Church10110 175A St
Krishna's Curry & Crepes House101 - 15222 32nd Ave
Krishna's Dosa Palace105 - 7500 120th St
Krishnas Dosa Grill101 - 8910 120th St
KSP Shahi Catering & Sweets104 - 12815 85th Ave
Kung Pao Wok1411 - 10355 152nd St
KW Gardens Chinese Restaurant2338 King George Blvd
Kwan Kee Noodle House101D - 15277 100th Ave
Kwantlen Park Secondary School Cafeteria10441 132nd St
Kwantlen Pizza Sweets & Snacks108 - 15122 72nd Ave
Kwantlen Pizza Sweets & Snacks120 - 12578 72nd Ave
Kwantlen Pizza & Sweets (152A St)110 - 6680 152A St
Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant13651 72nd Ave
L'Aromas Coffee / Malone's12901 16th Ave

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