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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Short & Sweet Patisserie and Bakery104 - 16793 60th Ave
Showshaa101 - 3020 152nd St
Showshaa201 - 7500 120th St
Shree Sanata Dharam Sabha (Fiji) of BC12 - 8473 124th St
Shri Durga Mandir210 - 7750 128th St
Sikh Academy12895 85th Ave
Simitistic13920 104th Ave
Simply H2O Distribution391 - 8148 128th St
Sky Stop105 - 10277 City Pky
Skyline Mart104 - 13585 16th Ave
Snack Stop & Convenience Store5 - 9613 192nd St
Snack "N" Go16384 Fraser Hwy
Snowy Village (Surrey)148 - 10090 152nd St
Soboya Sushi Japanese Restaurant120 - 8952 152nd St
Sockeye Sushi103 - 18818 68th Ave
Sodexo Food Services - Surrey Campus12666 72nd Ave
Sofi's Shawarma & Donairs8928 152nd St
Softball City - Bullpen2201 148th St
Softball City - Concession2201 148th St
Softball City Extra Innings - Sport & Grill2201 148th St
Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant14667 108th Ave
Sonrise Church5588 188th St
Soo's Grocery13980 108th Ave
Sources Connection Cafe & Catering14601 20th Ave
Sources Food HubB - 13483 72nd Ave
Sources Life Skills Resource Centre12996 60th Ave
Sources Women's Place15318 20th Ave
South Seas Enterprises Ltd.201 - 7750 128th St
South Surrey Ice Arena - Lower Concession2199 148th St
South Surrey Ice Arena - Upper Concession2199 148th St

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