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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Notti Biscotti103 - 15252 32nd Ave
O My Tea Cafe122 - 6820 188th St
Occasions at the Pond14245 56th Ave
Ocean Deli Ltd107 - 12465 82nd Ave
Ocean Park Community Hall1577 128th St
Ocean Park Donair12867 16th Ave
Ocean Park Fine Meats12852 16th Ave
Ocean Park Health Foods (1990) Ltd.12907 16th Ave
Ocean Park Pizza13186 104th Ave
Ocean Park Pizza & Village Pub12822 16th Ave
Ocean Park Pizza (72nd Ave)2 - 12818 72nd Ave
Ocean West Catering4 - 2336 King George Blvd
Oh So Sweet Sugar Boutique142 - 12101 72nd Ave
Ok Globalnet Trading190 - 19288 22nd Ave
Ok Hee Bae Food Co303 - 15930 Fraser Hwy
Okonomiyaki Pon110 - 2950 King George Blvd
Old Surrey Restaurant13483 72nd Ave
Omega Pizza & Wings103 - 7577 King George Blvd
Omega Pizza & Wings (152nd St)5 - 9965 152nd St
On Yuen Chinese Restaurant304 - 9014 152nd St
One More Thai Restaurant7158 120th St
One Up Cafe100 - 2755 192nd St
OOIE World Activity Centre102 - 15355 Fraser Hwy
OPA Souvlaki of Greece (Surrey)707 - 10153 King George Blvd
OPA! of Greece1404 - 10355 152nd St
Orange Julius (White Rock)148 - 1711 152nd St
Organic Grocer508 - 7380 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Bakery210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Juices & Smoothies210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Meat Department210 - 7093 King George Blvd

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