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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Kwantlen Pizza Sweets & Snacks120 - 12578 72nd Ave
Kwantlen Pizza & Sweets (152A St)110 - 6680 152A St
Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant13651 72nd Ave
L'Aromas Coffee / Malone's12901 16th Ave
La Charcuterie Deli9 - 19080 96th Ave
La Conquistadora de Pablo10511 King George Blvd
La D'Amico Pizza102 - 13916 Grosvenor Rd
LA Matheson Secondary School9484 122nd St
La Tandoori Pick & Go Restaurant105 - 7743 128th St
Lady Marc Filipino Store10200 152nd St
Lahori Sweets & Restaurant109 - 12877 80 Ave
Lakwon Rice Bakery12520 Old Yale Rd
Landmark Cinemas 12 Guildford Surrey - Concession15051 101st Ave
Landmark Cinemas 12 Guildford Surrey - Pizza Pizza15051 101st Ave
Launching Pad984 160th St
Laurel Place Food Service9688 137A St
Laurel Place Hospice9688 137A St
Lazeez Pizza303B - 9014 152nd St
Le Jardin Restaurant1677 128th St
Leaf Tea1618 152nd St
Lee's Express Chinese Food9181 148th St
Lee Gar Nei K-Food128 - 15280 101st Ave
Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant130 - 8080 120th St
Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant101 - 1812 152nd St
Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant14755 104th Ave
Legacy - A Church of the Nazarene9012 160 Street
Lele Cafe18 - 15300 105th Ave
Liberty Kitchen Grandview110 - 16010 24th Ave
Lighthouse Fish & Chips9631 128th St
Lighthouse Fresh and Tasty102 - 8050 King George Blvd

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