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Langley Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Big Star Sandwich Co (Langley)106 - 20125 64th Ave
Black Pudding Imports Ltd.107 - 20353 64th Ave
Booster Juice (Langley)365 - 20202 66th Ave
Booster Juice (Walnut Grove)D101 - 20159 88th Ave
Boston Pizza #019Bldg D - 20090 91A Ave
Boston Pizza #63101 - 19700 Langley Bypass
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vancouver - Langley ClubA - 5409 206th St
Bradner Cold Storage Ltd.700&800 - 9087 198th St
Britco Pork Inc Cafeteria22940 Fraser Hwy
Brogan's Deli6 - 20555 56th Ave
Brogan's Diner9 - 20555 56th Ave
Brookswood Baptist Church20581 36th Ave
Brookswood Chevron4025 208th St
Brookswood Court Food Service3830 200th St
Brookswood Secondary School Cafeteria20902 37A Ave
Brown Road Park5022 240th St
Browns Social HouseA101 - 20159 88th Ave
Browns Socialhouse (Langley Centre)101 - 20065 Langley Bypass
Bubble World Langley116 - 8850 Walnut Grove Dr
Bulk Barn Store #742304 - 6339 200th St
Buns Master Bakery (Langley)301 - 20771 Langley Bypass
Buns Master Bakery (Langley)301 - 20771 Langley Bypass
Burger King #391819996 Fraser Hwy
Burger King (Langley)2 - 19875 96th Ave
Buy-Low Foods (Langley)4121 200th St
C-Lovers Fish & Chips (Langley)20251 Fraser Hwy
Cactus Club Cafe (Langley)101 - 6070 200th St
Camy's Pizza Plus20759 40th Ave
Canada Bread Production Plant20410 Langley Bypass
Canadian Aqua Fresh1 - 4044 200B St

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