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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Dhesi Meats102 - 14330 64th Ave
Dhoom Restaurant & Bar112 - 7938 128th St
Di Reggae Cafe13593 King George Blvd
Diamond Sweets and Restaurant102 - 15933 Fraser Hwy
Diamond Sweets & Restaurant102 - 7228 192nd St
Ding Sushi103 - 6351 152nd St
Divine Delicacies105 - 13483 78th Ave
DJ Mart13192 92nd Ave
Doma Sushi Restaurant407 - 16033 108th Ave
Domino's Pizza #10024107 - 19475 Fraser Hwy
Domino's Pizza #1002710346 Whalley Blvd
Domino's Pizza #10037103 - 15335 No 10 Hwy
Domino's Pizza #10052102 - 15155 101st Ave
Domino's Pizza #10063103 - 9450 120th St
Domino's Pizza #1008513391 72nd Ave
Domino's Pizza #100882389 King George Blvd
Don Asian Kitchen2181 160th St
Don Chepe's Restaurant13780 104th Ave
Dona Paula Su Tienda Multicultural13567 105A Ave
Donair Affair138 - 12080 Nordel Way
Donair Affair102 - 14350 64th Ave
Donair Affair (Surrey)10786 148th St
Donair Hub107 - 10277 City Parkway
Donegal's Pub12054 96th Ave
Doni Korean Restaurant24 - 10592 King George Blvd
Donia Farms13978 44th Ave
Dragon's Chop Suey House103 - 16055 Fraser Hwy
Dragon Lounge17755 60th Ave
Dragon Mist Distillery213 - 19138 26th Ave
Dragon Village Restaurant5678 176th St

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